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Traditional IVR
Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with Directlink’s Traditional IVR . Designed for Credit Unions, this solution seamlessly integrates with your FinTech ecosystem to deliver an effortless and secure customer experience. Our IVR system has been upgraded with high quality voices, supports 15 languages and has a quick implementation timeline.
Conversational Banking
Conversational banking is an innovative approach that uses AI-driven Intelligent Virtual Assistants to provide personalized, interactive banking experiences, allowing members to manage their finances through natural, human-like dialogue. It enhances member service by offering 24/7 access and support, streamlining transactions and account management with the convenience of conversation.
Live Agent Interface
Directlink’s live agent product seamlessly bridges the gap between AI-driven support and human interaction, offering members the option to connect with a live representative for more complex inquiries or personalized service. This integration ensures that users experience a smooth transition from automated assistance to the expertise and nuanced communication that only a human agent can provide.

Key Features

24/7 Seamless Experience
Directlink ensures access to banking details, from balance inquiries to loan applications, anytime and anywhere.
Omnichannel Banking
From telephony and video to SMS and webchat, Directlink offers a cohesive experience across all channels.
Personalized With AI
Directlink’s system grasps the context behind requests, making interactions feel personal and timely.
Core Orchestration
A seamless blend of technology and conversation, ensuring all financial systems to be accessible
Intelligent Virtual Assistants
Powered by advanced AI, IVAs offer instant, intuitive, and multilingual interactions with members.
All-In-One Management
A unified platform offering streamlined interaction flows and empowering every team member.
Affordable & ROI-Driven
Directlink delivers a 3-5X ROI within 12-18 months, turning inquiries into opportunities.
Empowerment of Employees
By handling +60% of routine inquiries, Directlink allows staff to focus on value-added engagement.

Configured To The Core

Build a smarter
contact center.


Pre-built Banking Skills
A library of pre-built, complex skills that connect your core banking platform and other data sources and allows members to converse and transact according to their preferences.


Inbound Calls Automated
Reduce average wait times and contact center workloads — allowing your employees to focus on higher-value tasks and work more efficiently.


Self-service FAQs
Empower members to self-serve by accessing curated content and pre-built FAQs. In addition, our FAQ builder allows your team to create, modify, and update the knowledge base on the fly.


First Contact Resolution
Utilize our Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) to increase first contact resolutions. Understand the what and why of a member interaction and guide them through to the finish with a digital-first member service experience.
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It’s better member service to offer AI up front with the ability to transition to a live agent vs. waiting on hold for 5-10 min. for a live agent.

For members: We believe in starting the conversations with AI to free agents to engage in high-value tasks (video, voice, co-browsing).

For employees: We empower front-line staff to own and operate our solution themselves – no tickets systems and no ai-expertise required.

Proposals are provided as annualized prices (with transaction caps) based on channels (phone, sms, chat, etc.), conversation volume (per month), and average duration per conversation (in minutes).