The New Wave:
Conversational Banking.

Harness the power of Directlink, an AI-powered conversational banking platform built for Credit Unions and Community Banks. Transact, deal and direct seamless banking experiences across channels through the deployment of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) and our easy-to-use management portal.

Increase Contact Center Efficiency
Connect with customers immediately; enable personalized self-service; keep callers contained and allow employees to focus on more complex queries.
Reduce Operational Burden and Costs
Eliminate wait times; decrease time-to-resolution; drive business opportunities and cross-sell efficiency while significantly lowering costs of your traditional call center.
Boost Loyalty and Increase Reach
Make customers happier with hyper-personalized service whenever they need it. Offer service and product recommendations and provide a path to resolution with speed at scale.

Natural language

Directlink utilizes the latest in Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP/NLU) to deliver a human-like conversational environment to assist your customers/members better. Our NLU engines detect customer intent and ask the appropriate follow-up questions to fulfill the request. The system grows more intelligent over time by learning from conversational data to better understand and respond to queries more efficiently and accurately.


Global intent.

Capture and understand intents to create and deliver meaningful, personalized engagements. Our platform leverages extensive domain knowledge and the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to strengthen a framework that continuously handles end-user requests while achieving organizational objectives.

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All-in-one AI management portal.

Message builder.

Customize greeting and salutation
Create and deploy FAQs on the fly
Test real-time alternations in portal
Implement banking product hierarchy
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The insight hub.

Update real time call traffic data
Standardize raw business data
Export call data with ease
Transform data into actionable insights
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The gatekeeper.

Create end user policies
Customize role-based access
Disable users' access when needed
Manage users' personal information
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Your safety net.

Submit ticket anywhere, anytime
Share feedback to improve product
Manage support ticket queue
Connect with customer success team
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An omnichannel

Connect with customers — anytime, anywhere. Deliver seamless, contextual experiences through conversations that traverse channels and provides continuity to all parties.


Build a smarter
contact center.


Pre-built Banking Skills
A library of pre-built, complex skills that connect your core banking platform and other data sources and allows customers/members to converse and transact according to their preferences.


Inbound Calls Automated
Reduce average wait times and contact center workloads — allowing your employees to focus on higher-value tasks and work more efficiently.


Self-service FAQs
Empower customers to self-serve by accessing curated content and pre-built FAQs. In addition, our FAQ builder allows your team to create, modify, and update the knowledge base on the fly.


First Contact Resolution
Utilize our Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) to increase first contact resolutions. Understand the what and why of a customer interaction and guide them through to the finish with a digital-first customer service experience.

Intelligence at your fingertips.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Parse through human language (text). Understand natural sentence structures versus simple keywords.
Intent Recognition
Understand what the user is requesting, even if phrased unexpectedly. Critical to avoid roadblocks in the experience.
The ability to pull data via web services or databases using APIs, run conditions and inform the dialog manager.
Voice Optimized Responses
Engage in conversation in a humanlike manner and show emotion to deliver an optimized experience.
Dynamic Text to Speech
Convert written text to natural-sounding speech and vice versa, support various languages, voices, and accents.
Machine Learning (ML)
Learn how to better respond to the user by analyzing human input, improving intent recognition and optimizing interactions.
Entity Recognition
Understand that some text refers to informative categories such as “how much” = balance. Needed for complex commands.
Contextual Awareness
Ability to follow conversation history, translate, recall and memorize information from conversation to conversation.
Voice Biometrics
Leverage user-based security and authentication through active and/or passive voice biometrics.

Experience a contact center revolution.

Build and deploy cost-efficient, hyper-personalized, digital experiences at scale across your entire organization through artificial intelligence (AI) in the contact center.

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