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Our Mission

At Directlink, our mission is simple: to revolutionize the way community banks and credit unions connect with their members. In a rapidly digitizing world, we believe that technology should amplify, not replace, the personal touch that sets community financial institutions apart.

By integrating state-of-the-art conversational AI with a suite of digital communication tools, we ensure that every interaction feels tailored, personal, and deeply human—even when powered by advanced algorithms.

Our Story

Directlink was conceived as a bold vision—a startup mentality backed by decades of industry knowledge. While we operate with the agility and innovation of a startup, our roots are deeply embedded in the financial industry’s soil.

Our parent company, IMS Direct (IMS, Inc), has been an industry trailblazer since 1986. As an integrated service provider for Conversational AI and Omnichannel Communications, they’ve always been ahead of the technology curve. Directlink is a testament to that legacy, a brainchild born from recognizing the evolving needs of community banks and credit unions.

In our journey, we’ve seen the challenges these institutions face in competing with large-scale banks. Yet, we’ve also witnessed the unparalleled value they offer—the community-centric approach, the personal touch, the deep-rooted trust. Our goal with Directlink is to augment these strengths, enabling small and medium-sized financial institutions to not just compete but to set new industry standards.

Our Leadership

Meet the Minds Behind Directlink

At the heart of every revolutionary platform lies a team of visionary individuals driven by purpose, passion, and unparalleled expertise. The Directlink leadership team embodies these traits, bringing together a diverse blend of industry veterans, technological mavens, and strategic thinkers.

Mark Vanderpool


Ben Nichols

Head of Product

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