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Contact Center

Welcome to the future of banking contact centers, where AI and human interaction meld seamlessly to enhance customer experiences.

Revolutionizing Banking Contact Centers with Directlink's AI Solution

At the heart of Directlink’s revolutionary approach is our human-like AI, meticulously designed to understand and respond to customer needs with precision and empathy. Far from the frustrations typically associated with automated systems, Directlink’s AI powered virtual assistants engage customers with solutions that are coherent, relevant, and timely.

Build a smarter
contact center.


Pre-built Banking Skills
A library of pre-built, complex skills that connect your core banking platform and other data sources and allows customers/members to converse and transact according to their preferences.


Inbound Calls Automated
Reduce average wait times and contact center workloads — allowing your employees to focus on higher-value tasks and work more efficiently.


Self-service FAQs
Empower customers to self-serve by accessing curated content and pre-built FAQs. In addition, our FAQ builder allows your team to create, modify, and update the knowledge base on the fly.


First Contact Resolution
Utilize our Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) to increase first contact resolutions. Understand the what and why of a customer interaction and guide them through to the finish with a digital-first customer service experience.
Customer-Centric Features

Directlink’s AI solution is loaded with features that prioritize customers’ needs and preferences. Our platform is equipped to:

Understand nuanced customer queries
Offer personalized solutions
Provide instant, accurate responses
Escalate complex issues promptly to human agents

Building Trust with Every Interaction

Trust is the cornerstone of any banking relationship. Directlink’s human-like AI fortifies this trust by ensuring consistency and reliability in every interaction. Customers can count on receiving dependable, insightful assistance, whether from AI or a human agent, reinforcing their confidence in your services.

Empowering Employees

Directlink’s AI solution is not just a tool for the customers but a companion to the employees. It eases the load on human agents by handling routine queries, allowing them to focus on complex issues and offer a more personalized service where human intervention is crucial.

Particle element

Directlink isn't just a platform

it’s a promise of elevated service, operational efficiency, and unwavering loyalty. Embrace the future of banking where every interaction is optimized for the best possible outcomes.