Directlink’s May Trade Show Tour: FinXTech, Cross State Connect, and Corelation Conference

Directlink's May Trade Show Tour: FinXTech, Cross State Connect, and Corelation Conference

Directlink’s May Trade Show Tour: Experience FinXTech Cross State Connect Corelation Conference

May was an exciting month for Directlink as we embarked on a whirlwind tour of major industry trade shows. These events provided us with the opportunity to connect with tech-savvy professionals, credit union & community bank leaders, and industry peers, sharing insights and showcasing our latest advancements in AI-powered voice banking solutions. Here’s a recap of our journey:

Experience FinXTech (5/14 – 5/15, Tampa, FL)

Our tour began in Tampa, FL at Bank Directors’ Experience FinXTech. This event was a fantastic opportunity to engage with forward-thinking financial professionals who are at the forefront of technology integration in banking. We had the pleasure of discussing how our AI-powered voice banking solutions can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies. Co-found & Head of Product Ben Nichols gave an excellent presentation on how Directlink has specifically helped one of our clients Connect Better & Serve Faster.

At FinXTech, the focus was on innovation and the future of financial technology. Our team demonstrated how Directlink’s solutions can streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide a superior customer experience. The positive feedback and enthusiastic reception we received affirmed our belief in the transformative potential of AI in the banking sector.

Cross State Connect (5/19 – 5/21, Atlantic City, NJ)

Next, we traveled to Atlantic City for the Cross State Connect conference. This event brought together credit union leaders from across the region, creating a vibrant space for sharing insights and exploring new opportunities for digital transformation.

At Cross State Connect, we delved into discussions about enhancing member engagement and leveraging AI to take the next steps in digital banking. Our interactions with credit union leaders were incredibly insightful, as we learned about their unique challenges and aspirations. The conference provided a platform for us to demonstrate how Directlink’s solutions can help credit unions navigate the evolving digital landscape, ensuring they remain competitive and member-focused.

Corelation Conference (5/28 – 5/30, San Diego, CA)

We concluded our tour in the beautiful city of San Diego at the Corelation Conference. This event was a highlight of our month, as it brought together a diverse group of industry peers and experts. At the Corelation Conference, we showcased our latest advancements in AI-driven banking solutions and received invaluable feedback from attendees. Additionally, Co-Founder Mark Vanderpool provided a 5-minute overview of Directlink’s AI-Powered Voice Banking solution, captivating the audience with our innovative approach to enhancing the banking experience. You can view the deck here.

The conference was a melting pot of ideas and innovation. We connected with many of you, discussing how Directlink can continue to evolve and meet the needs of modern credit unions. Your feedback and enthusiasm were incredibly motivating, reinforcing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI in banking.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on our May trade show tour, we are invigorated by the connections we made and the insights we gained. These events not only allowed us to showcase our innovative solutions but also provided a platform for meaningful dialogue with industry leaders. We are excited to build on these experiences and continue driving innovation in the banking sector.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at FinXTech, Cross State Connect, and the Corelation Conference. Your support and engagement are the driving forces behind our success. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards transforming the future of banking.

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