Pioneering Personalized Banking: United Bank’s AI Journey with DirectLink

Pioneering Personalized Banking: United Bank's AI Journey with DirectLink

Pioneering Personalized Banking: United Bank's AI Journey with DirectLink

We’re thrilled to have our client, United Bank, featured in The Financial Times. Read the Article: Meet the AI Serving Customers at United Bank.

This is the story of how United Bank of Georgia, with the help of Directlink, is leading the way by integrating an AI-driven virtual assistant, affectionately known internally as ‘Sam’, to work alongside their customer service star, Samantha.

Bridging Tradition with Technology

At United Bank, tradition is cherished. Annual birthday calls and deep-rooted community connections speak of a legacy that values personal touch. With 18 branches serving generations of families, United Bank has been the epitome of traditional banking, where customers enjoy the comfort of talking to their favorite banker.

Recognizing the evolving needs of their customers, United Bank partnered with Directlink to introduce an innovative solution — an AI virtual banker designed to serve with the same dedication and warmth as its human counterparts.

DirectLink’s Conversational Banking Platform: A Game-Changer

The challenge was clear: automate without losing the essence of personal service. Directlink’s conversational banking platform emerged as the ideal solution, bridging the gap between efficiency and personalization, by fielding 75% of routine calls — balance inquiries, branch hours, interest rates — the AI frees up human agents to tackle more complex queries. This delicate balance between automation and human touch is Directlink’s forte.

The Directlink Difference: Secure, Conversational, and Tailored AI

Our approach at Directlink is about creating an AI that doesn’t just serve; it understands. Unlike vast, uncurated AI models prone to ‘hallucinate’ data, our platform is a carefully curated system restricted to knowledge that matters to each bank’s clientele. It’s the kind of AI that knows its limits and focuses on excelling within them.

 The Human Impact: More Than Just Numbers

Since the introduction of ‘Sam’, United Bank has witnessed a transformative impact on its operations. The virtual assistant has taken on a substantial share of call volume, especially during peak times. But beyond the numbers, it’s the human stories that stand out. Call center employees now have the breathing room to delve deeper into customer concerns, reducing burnout and paving the way for career development — a testament to AI’s potential to enrich workplaces.

United Bank’s AI: A Collaborative Success

The success of ‘Sam’ is not just United Bank’s triumph but a collective milestone for all of Directlink’s partners. As each client contributes to the AI’s learning curve, the system continually evolves, improving with every interaction and feedback loop.

The Directlink Promise: Your Partner in Innovation

At Directlink, we believe in the power of partnership. United Bank’s journey with our AI is just one example of how we collaborate, innovate, and grow together with our clients. Our commitment to developing technology that complements the human element of banking is unwavering. As we move forward, we promise to continue delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the banks and the communities they serve.

In closing, the United Bank story is more than just a case study; it’s a beacon for the future of banking, where technology serves humanity and where every call — be it to a human or an AI — is still very much a call to a friend.

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