SMS Text Messaging with Directlink

Elevate Your Digital Banking Experience with Streamlined Text Communication

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Connect Like Never Before

Stay on top of every SMS conversation through DirectLink’s robust management platform. Whether it’s overseeing individual interactions, monitoring trends, or leveraging insights for operational improvements, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Instant Engagement
Let your customers reach out to your financial institution as effortlessly as texting a friend. Immediate, intuitive, and in the format they prefer.
More Than Just Texts
While SMS serves as a fantastic starting point, DirectLink ensures the conversation doesn’t just end there. Seamlessly elevate from text messages to richer forms of communication, be it chat, voice, video, or Co-browsing.
Secure Conversations
Easily guide customers from the simplicity of SMS to a fully encrypted environment, safeguarding their data without any communication gaps.
Maintain Context
When transitioning from SMS to another mode of communication, there’s no loss of conversation history. This continuity ensures efficient problem resolution and a more personalized member experience.
Empower your contact center with the fusion of convenience and security. With DirectLink's SMS platform, redefine what it means to be connected, driving unparalleled satisfaction and impactful results.
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Directlink isn't just a platform

it’s a promise of elevated service, operational efficiency, and unwavering loyalty. Embrace the future of banking where every interaction is optimized for the best possible outcomes.