Omnichannel Banking
With Directlink

Your customers and members want flexibility, accessibility, and choice when interacting with their trusted banking institution.

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Why Omnichannel Banking?

The banking landscape has transformed. With the proliferation of digital technology, customers and members are no longer restricted to one medium of communication. Omnichannel banking reflects the reality of this diverse communicative environment, providing a cohesive, consistent, and seamless experience across multiple channels.

Directlink Is Personal Engaging Secure

An age-old medium, yet one of the most personal. Directlink’s telephony options bring clarity, immediacy, and a personal touch, ensuring that voice banking remains an efficient and viable option for many.
Video banking replicates the face-to-face branch experience, fostering trust and understanding. Whether it’s a consultation or a query, the human element in video communication adds depth to member interactions.
Always meet your customers where they are. Real-time assistance when your customers need it. Integrated webchat solutions mean that help is just a click away, with swift resolutions and immediate feedback.
Quick, convenient, and always at your fingertips. SMS banking with Directlink allows for instant notifications, timely updates, and immediate responses, all within the comfort of a familiar texting environment.
Adaptable Omnichannel
Whether it’s email, social, or beyond, we tailor our solutions to ensure your financial institution engages customers seamlessly on any channel. Let’s elevate your communication together.

The Directlink Advantage

Don’t get left behind.

Make every interaction smoother, quicker, and friendlier with Directlink. Meet your customers where they are to ensure that every interaction, regardless of the channel, is an opportunity to delight.