Directlink AI-Powered Chat for Unblu for Banks and Credit Unions

Directlink AI-Powered Chat for Unblu for Banks and Credit Unions

Introducing AI-Powered Customer Service with Human Element

Directlink for Unblu is a virtual assistant that delivers an automated conversational experience within the Unblu platform to provide banks and credit unions with a single solution to streamline their digital banking operations and provide a superior customer experience. Connect with customers/members — anytime, anywhere. Deliver seamless, contextual experiences through conversations that traverse channels and provides continuity every step of the customer journey. 

Directlink + Unblu: Partnership Powered Humanized Digital Customer Service

 Unblu and Directlink are teaming up to provide financial institutions with access to best-in-class digital virtual assistants by offering Directlink’s first-of-its-kind AI-powered solution as a tightly integrated AI feature within Unblu’s award-winning Conversational Banking Platform to offer a powerful all-in-one offering from a single-source partner. 

Directlink with Unblu Empowers Banks and Credit Unions to:
  • Lower call center costs by decreasing time-to-resolution while increasing business opportunities and cross-selling efficiency 
  • Proactively reduce request volume through chat/call deflection and customer education using FAQs and other readily available content. 
  • Reduce low-value interactions and empower agents to resolve complex but high impact inquiries in a timely manner. 
  • Reduce request handling time by providing agents with informative background and insights into the need of the customers, allowing the agents to provide useful and personalized assistance effectively. 
  • Deliver excellent customer experience by providing them with the flexibility to receive immediate assistance 24/7 using natural language to communicate with the chatbot, while having the ability to be transferred seamlessly to the most knowledgeable team of live agents as desired. 

Directlink with Unblu Empowers Banks and Credit Unions to:

Intelligence at your fingertips. Directlink’s chatbot utilizes leading edge natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU) to deliver a human-like experience to better assist bank and credit union customers. 

Directlink’s NLU engines detect customer intent and ask the appropriate follow-up questions to fulfill the request. The system grows more intelligent over time by learning from conversational data to better understand and respond to queries more efficiently and accurately. 

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